Gosia aka Pigeon aka 사생팬 (sasaeng) Rank – Colonel – a K-pop psychofan, she knows everything about korean idols. This one time she wanted to buy a bag of air from a BTS concert for 10 000 US dollars. That’s how psycho she is. She knows everything literally everything about BTS. She probably already has some information stored about you as well so be careful. Her favourite BTS performer is Jungkook, and he already knows how crazy Gosia can get, she’s there outside the window when he’s having breakfast, she’s looking through her binoculars when he’s having a shower, she’s following him when he’s shopping for groceries, poor guy is steps away from becoming paranoid. Gosia is a very consciencious and reliable employee. She’s also super smart. She’s very good at hiding her emotions, so you could never tell whether she’s angry or not, though Tomasz advises to always assume that she is. Can’t read her, no you can read her Pooookerfaaace..!